Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday! - Saturday Play!

I love these shots.  We went to the park near our home after dinner on Saturday and just played.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. The kids look so cute by the tree. I love Techi Guy's face when The Boy is kissin' him. Smoochie Smoochie!

  2. These are fun and sweet pics! Your header is stunning, so vivid!

  3. Aww... great 'sweet' shots. Love all the JOY! :)


  4. I need to do that with my family...if only it weren't so stinkin' hot right now. Love the photos. Looks like everyone was having a great time.

  5. Hey Sissy,
    love your pics. gave you an award on my blog!

  6. they are adorable:) p.s. i´m so loving the sun glasses;)

  7. It's moments like these that make life worth living! Great photos!


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