Sunday, July 25, 2010

Self Portrait - Masks we wear

I was visiting over at my dear friend Leslies blog Discovering the Details and came across and interesting post on Self portraits.  She is doing a bi-weekly challenge that this beautiful woman Shakita Mama is putting on.  The first challenge is "Mask self portrait".    

It didn't take me to long to think about what type of mask I wear and like a few other woman that I have noticed hide behind this one too.  My children, my family are my everything.  Should they be or am I selfish to try to put myself first sometimes?  My mom used to say "If Mama aint happy then nobody is happy!"  But what if taking care of my family makes me happy?  Is that wrong?  Although there are days when it is too much and I wish I only had me to take care of.

I do use the kids to hide behind if I don't want to deal with something or someone.  I will say something has come up with the kids or use them as an excuse.   I will stand behind the kids when we meet new people and let them do all the talking.  Which is weird because I'm not really a shy person.  I guess it's I just don't mind standing in the background and letting them have the light.  

I think I'm going to enjoy doing this challenge.  It will give me a chance to see what makes me shine again.


  1. Wow. This post was profound.
    I am going to think about this as I head off to bed tonight.

    Your family is beautiful! And you are a big part of the beauty!

  2. I'm visiting via Shakti Mama. I love the photo, and your peek-a-boo eye sticking out there. :)

    I like your bio and space here.


  3. Oh, I love your hair and what I can see of your face ... very mysterious because I really can't see all of you! Your children look like so much fun too!

    I think so many of us do this ... and I think too that it begins shortly after we give birth because we realize the sacrifice, the small (and unimportant) parts of ourselves we have to give up in order to care for them ... but I think sometimes we give up a little of the important parts too. I remind myself that I can be mama to Luna and still be me :).

    Thank you so much for participating!

  4. Love this and I can really relate. Thanks for sharing!

  5. your kiddos are cute! Yes, we all hide behind the mask of motherhood, don't we? Can't wait till you figure out what makes you shine again! Maybe it will be something brand new :)

  6. yup -- feelin' that!! lol

    your kids are so incredibly are you, beautiful soul...(is it weird to say that i think your glasses are super cool?)


  7. Just seeing that you joined in! YAY!!!

    I get family and kids, specifically. Yours are so adorable I see how easy it can be to push them to the front. But why not, right? Looking forward to discovering more with you.

  8. oooh, Rana!!! I absolutely love this regular self-portrait-with-the-kiddos idea. I think you're going to have a treasure of images by the end of this project - and hopefully a new habit that includes putting yourself in your children's photographic history!!! :-D

  9. Thanks so much for coming by my blog - it appears that we hang out in similar circles and both love photography. I just clicked follow so I can continue to enjoy your photos. Have a great night!

  10. Very profound post.

    All I'd say is ... remember the Masters words regarding sacrifice in relation to family and friends. I know you know them, just something to chew on. There is only the Master, and his Father.

    For us there are no endings.

    Only sacrifices that accompany new beginnings with new rewards.


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